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    RE-Opening information


    The Scottish Government announced recently further lockdown restrictions and a move to phase 3 of the route plan. While this includes routine care as well as urgent care, we are still not able to provide any AGP (aerosol generating procedure) within the confines of the NHS. This means we cannot do any drilling or washing or drying of the teeth or cleaning of the teeth. Unfortunately these things are usually required for routine care, as even a check up can't be done as effectively without using air to dry the teeth. However any dental emergencies can still be triaged and if possible treated in practice if we can do so without requiring an AGP. If it does require drilling/AGP, we can refer to the urgent care hub so please contact us should you have any problems.
    Appointments are still very limited due to the government restrictions and by appointment only, so should you require one, our reception team will be happy to go through the process with you.
    We are currently preparing to start seeing a very limited number of patients for AGP but at the moment the Scottish Government will only allow this to be carried out for private treatment only. 
    We are continuing to work through our triage list of patients with pain so if you have contacted us we hope to be in touch soon if we haven't already, to discuss the next stage.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding,
    Abbey Dental Care
    Whilst you may have heard on the news recently that dental practices are to reopen from Monday 22nd June, 2020, unfortunately this does not include any routine or non urgent dental care appointments.

    We are pleased to say we have everything in place for this date and will open from Monday to see emergency patients .
    It is far from back to normal and anyone attending the practice will not be seen without prior telephone triage, assessment and arranged appointment. These measures although restrictive are for everyone’s health and safety on this phased return .
    During phase 2 of dental practice reopening we cannot provide any procedures which generate an aerosol (in other words procedures which use a dental drill or pressurised water). The main scope of our work during phase 2 will be extraction of teeth or where this is not possible or desirable onward referral to Urgent Dental Care Centres if an aerosol generating procedure is deemed unavoidable and appropriate. Temporary fillings can also be provided.
    For any patients who have been in contact during lockdown with dental issues one of our staff members will be contacting you next week for further triage and assessment.

    Once again thank you for your understanding and patience during this time .
    Abbey Dental Care




    Further to our advice from yesterday, new guidelines and rules have been put in place by the Scottish Government.

    As of today the 25th March 2020, all dental practices should undertake NO clinical care on their premises. There must be no direct clinical care for our patients. As before, we are still able to triage our patients by phone ONLY, offer advice and in the case of a dental emergency make arrangements for these patients to be seen via the Special Care Hub. This will only be available for patients that have severe symptoms of infection, bleeding or trauma. Currently we are applying to assist at these Hubs and anticipate that we will be redeployed to either provide emergency dental care in special centres, or to assist in hospitals.

    We understand this is a very difficult and scary time for all of us. It is not our intention to make this pandemic more difficult for anyone by restricting access to dental care. It is simply to try to save lives. These new rules are a sign of how seriously the Scottish Government is taking this threat to our lives and our country. The faster we can stop the spread of this, the faster all of our lives can go back to normal.

    The situation is constantly changing, and we will keep you updated as much as we can over the coming days and weeks.

    We thank you for your patience understanding in this trying time.

    Please don’t take risks.

    Please stay safe.


    Abbey Dental Care



    24th March 20120

    As of 24th March 2020, we are very sad to inform you that the practice will be closing during this current pandemic crisis. Following guidance from the Scottish Government, we will only be able to see patients with dental emergencies such as swelling, severe pain and bleeding, and only by prior arrangement by telephone. In the case of such an emergency, please call the practice phone number on 01418893423 and you will be directed and triaged from there.

    Please DO NOT attend the practice without speaking to a dentist and being given an appointment if its necessary.

    As always, our main concern is the safety and welfare of our staff and patients. As per the announcement from our Prime Minister, keeping contact to an absolute minimum is in the best interests of not just ourselves and our loved ones, but the whole country. We understand this is a scary time for everyone and appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Please don’t take any risks. Self-distancing and minimising contact with others is the only way we’ll beat this. And above all else, stay safe!


    18th March 2020

    As of this morning, Wednesday the 18th March 2020, we have received guidance from the Scottish Government regarding the provision of dental care. All non-emergency treatment should be postponed with immediate effect. This is due to the increased risk to patients and staff from the aerosol generated by our equipment during dental procedures. As a result, please DO NOT attend for any routine dental appointments and our reception will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Please be assured anyone with pain will still be seen with some additional precautionary measures, but we ask that you phone the practice first before attending so we can minimise any risk as best we can. As always, our primary aim is to keep everyone safe during this difficult time and we ask for your patience and understanding.

    We will keep you updated to the best of our ability as we get more information and guidance.

    These are worrying times for all of us so please stay safe and remember we will continue to stay open and provide advice and help. Please feel free to speak to us prior to your visit if you have any concerns and we will do our best to answer any questions.